FREE: Dark Web and External Security
Scan – A One-Two Punch!

The mad scramble to get employees working remotely resulted in the highest rate of cybercrime in Winnipeg ever. Bad actors
have attacked medical offices, law firms, civic and social organizations, trucking companies, accounting and financial services,
and restaurants, holding their PCs and networks for ransom - or worse!

During this unprecedented time local Winnipeg businesses and
organizations simply cannot afford another financial hit.

To help, we want you to know about:


GUARDIAN is our FREE one-time scan of your business or organization on the Dark Web and an External Security Scan.

Doing one of these scans without the other is like wearing only one shoe! That is why we are giving you this one-two punch.

What you cannot see can kill your business! Make sure you open your eyes to what may be out there and protect your business and your employees’ future.

Find out TODAY if your operation is at risk with Constant C’s no-obligation GUARDIAN scan. The scans are unobtrusive, there is no credit card required, and there is nothing to sign.


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