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When you want to improve your network and technology in Calgary, it can be hard to know where to start. Start with Constant C.

We’ve been in business for over 35 years, helping businesses like yours make sense of technology. With a dedicated team of technicians and a full suite of technology solutions and services, we’ll get your technology working for you. And with high levels of customer satisfaction, 24/7, 365 service, and a guaranteed 1-hour response time, we’ll always be there for you - without all the “tech-y” jargon you’ll hear at some other IT companies.

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Why Choose Constant C

Over 35 years of experience

Technology is constantly changing, and if you can’t keep up, you’re soon shut out. That’s why you can trust an IT company with a lot of experience - it means they’re constantly adapting and providing their clients with the best solutions for their needs.

We have over 35 years of experience against cyber threats. In that time, we’ve seen cyber criminals grow more and more sophisticated in their efforts to steal money from businesses and organizations. Fortunately, very few cyber criminals have anywhere near our level of experience in the tech world. We can protect you from ransomware, phishing attacks, and other modern cyber attacks, using state-of-the-art defensive techniques.

At Constant C, we know that your network needs to be secure. We also know that it needs to be fast and easy-to-use, and that costs have to stay within budget. With our decades of experience, you can trust us to properly budget for any project, and to ensure that your network meets the needs of your Calgary business.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

When it comes to customer satisfaction, our record speaks for itself. In our over 35 years of providing IT services, we’ve maintained a 95.9% customer satisfaction rate and 97% customer retention.

That’s because we believe in creating lifelong relationships with our clients. The longer we serve you as your support company, the better we’ll understand your business goals and your IT needs. To create those lifelong relationships and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, we offer:

  • A guaranteed 1-hour response
  • Projects completed on budget - guaranteed
  • Fast, friendly service with no “tech-y” talk
  • A fixed rate that covers all of our services

With satisfaction rates like that, we know that we can offer your Calgary business a better managed IT services experience. Get in touch with us today
to see how we can help you.

Customized IT services

No two businesses in Calgary are exactly alike. That means that no two businesses need the same IT services.

At Constant C, we provide IT services that are as unique as your business. How fast your network will be, the security protocols and tools you’ll need, your disaster recovery plan - everything will be completely customized to you.

We even offer co-managed IT solutions for businesses who already have in-house IT, but need a little more support. From cloud computing to fully-managed IT to 24/7 IT support, we have services to suit your business needs here. Call us today, and we’ll discuss your unique business requirements.

Network Security & Cyber Security in Calgary

Data loss prevention

Imagine, for a moment, you lost all of your business data. All of your customer files. All of the projects you’ve been working on. All of your financial documents. All of your intellectual property.It’s a terrifying thought. In the modern age, there’s almost nothing more valuable than our business data. Data that’s almost exclusively stored on computers. When you’re not working to prevent data loss, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable. Hire Constant C to keep your data safe. We’ll use state-of-the-art techniques to keep your network secure. But data loss can come from inside the network, or as a result of physical catastrophe. That’s why we’ll also employ a comprehensive data backup strategy, including a physical off-site backup strategy for Calgary businesses that need to maximize protection. We can also help you design a business continuity plan for your data. When data is lost, the speed at which you can get your backups online can have a serious impact on how quickly you can get back to business. Our continuity plans are based on finding cost-effective ways to get you back online - fast.

Antivirus & anti-malware

Viruses and malware aren’t the hot topic in IT that they used to be. That’s a problem - in the same way that hacking has grown more sophisticated, so too have viruses and malware.Today, viruses and malware often come through email-related attacks. That’s why a sophisticated anti-spam system - something that goes beyond what Microsoft 365 can offer - is essential. Antiviruses and anti-malware shouldn’t be left by the wayside either. You want security programs that are as unobtrusive as possible, all while providing the level of protection your business needs.We’ll work with your Calgary business to identify possible weak points in your digital infrastructure, and install an antivirus and anti-malware program that suits your needs. We’ll also help you implement best practices to prevent your team members from inadvertently creating holes that allow malicious software into your network.

Managed detection & response (MDR)

Think about how physical spaces are protected. There are barriers that prevent access to the spaces - locked doors, alarm systems, fences, and the like. Should a nefarious actor infiltrate the premises, however, there are still more security features inside - like CCTV being actively monitored by a security team.MDR is like actively monitored CCTV for your network. If a nefarious actor manages to get past other security features, your internal network will still be monitored for suspicious activity. If suspicious activity is found, the device responsible for the activity will be locked away from the network while our security team finds the source of the breach. With MDR, your Calgary business is kept safe - inside and out.

Network segmentation

Segmenting your network offers a two-for-one punch. Each segment of your network becomes more efficient, and you can protect vulnerable points on your network from cyber attacks by restricting access to them.Each network segment acts as its own mini-network. This gives your Calgary business more granular control over network activity. Security and efficiency, all in one!

Free Dark Web & External Security scan

We understand wanting to try before you buy. That’s one of the reasons we’re proud to offer a Dark Web and External Security scan. We’ll find out if anyone is selling your business or personal data on the dark web. Then, we’ll try to access your network from the outside - this will allow us to find any holes in your business security.We’ll then give you a report on what we’ve found free of charge. You can take whatever actions you want with that data - hire us, or handle any concerns in house. The power is in your hands. These scans are offered not only because we want you to know how we work, but because we want to help you protect your business. Your security is our top priority - it’s so important to us that we offer this valuable service to Calgary businesses for free.

Cybersecurity in the News

Fully-managed IT in Calgary

These are just a few of the many technology services we offer to businesses in Calgary. We can handle all of your IT needs, making your network more secure and more efficient. Modern businesses can’t afford ad-hoc IT solutions or break-fix IT - it’s inefficient and costly. At Constant C, we provide a holistic, full suite of IT solutions custom designed for your Calgary business. Get an IT service built for your needs.

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Our Clients

“Constant C is a 'fully' managed IT service provider here in Calgary. They take care of our IT requirements for one fixed monthly fee. This was very economical in terms of affordability, and this allows us to budget for our yearly IT maintenance costs. I would highly recommend Constant C and the products and services they offer.”

Karen Weiss Vice President Finance & Operations, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

“Signing on with Constant C was one of the easiest business decisions I have ever made. One of their solutions is saving us over $12,000.00 per year. I highly recommend their private cloud services too.”

Thomas McKee VP of Driver Services & Innovation, Payne Transportation Ltd.

“The support team at Constant C really has our back. They resolve any issues that arise, but more importantly, they constantly monitor our network to make sure problems don't happen in the first place.”

Jim Wonitowy General Manager of Operations, New West Metals Inc.

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