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Business Communications have changed. Phone Systems are no longer just voicemail and dial tone. Constant C's system has Unified Communications (UC) meaning it has a variety of applications embedded into one system. These applications help businesses increase revenue, decrease expenses, and enhance customer image.


Viewpoint is an award-winning call handling software that substantially increases employee productivity.

This software was developed with help from Microsoft to make it extremely user friendly, increasing the adoption rate by employees. Viewpoint is installed on your computer and works in conjunction with the phone system to add features and functionality such as:


This application allows every user to see where coworkers are and if they are on or off the phone.

Users can change their status to available, on break, on the road, or on vacation. No more transferring calls to someone who is on the phone or unavailable.

Coach / Monitor / Join

This application allows authorized employees to coach, monitor, or join calls.

  • Coach enables authorized employees to whisper instruction to new trainees on a call with a customer. Only the trainee can hear their voice – not the customer.
  • Monitor is another training function where authorized employees can monitor the phone calls of their trainees. Neither the trainee or the customer knows when you are monitoring their call.
  • Join is a function where authorized employees can simply join the call and engage in conversation with the trainee and the customer.

Drag and Drop Simplicity

All active calls are displayed in the call monitor section of Viewpoint.

To transfer a call, users simply drag and drop the active phone call on the employees name.

Visual Voicemail is a great tool within Viewpoint that increases employee productivity.

All voicemails are located in this section where you can choose to listen to whichever message you want – without having to cycle through all your other voicemails first. You can also send voicemails to other employees if they were not meant for you.


Business has changed – and so has Wave. Wave is a great solution for keeping you connected when you're on the move.

Viewpoint Mobile

Viewpoint is a great tool for businesses.

With our Viewpoint 'Mobile' app, you can take it on the road with you – without losing any of its functionality.

Vertical Wave 4.5 now includes:

  • NEW ViewPoint Mobile 2.0 Embedded SIP Softphone
  • NEW Cusomizable Personal Statuses Feature
  • NEW Contact Center Queue Callback Option
  • NEW Custom Emergency CID
  • NEW Integration with Polycom™ Soundstation & Spectralink® 8400 Wireless IP Phones

Call Centre

Many business phone systems have 'call centre' functionality. So what's the difference between us and them?

  • The Wave phone system has 'Unified Communications' meaning applications such as 'call center' are already embedded into the system – no additional hardware is required. If you purchase a phone system from our competitors, to add call centre functionality means adding additional equipment costing you up to $10,000.00.
  • Our system also offers 'Call Return'. This allows your callers to hang up and not lose their place in line. The system automatically calls them back when it's their turn in line.
  • Another feature is 'Last Call Re-Route'. If a caller is speaking to a sales person and accidently hangs up or forgets to tell the sales person something important – when they call back, their call is automatically routed to the sales person they were last talking to.
  • With the Viewpoint Software, your call centre employees are much more productive.

One Number is a feature of Wave that allows users to have 'one number' that will reach the user no matter where they are.

You choose where you want to be reached – your house, cabin, cellphone, office, or all locations at the same time. The best part is your clients have no idea you are out of the office. They call your one number and that number finds you wherever you are.

Another great purpose of one number is your sales employees are no longer giving out their personal cell phone numbers. This way, when clients are calling your business, they're always calling the office number – the client doesn't even know the sales person's cell number. If the sales person leaves – they don't take your clients with them.

Not only are your voicemails located on the Viewpoint Mobile App – they are also sent to your email.

With our system, all calls are automatically recorded.

Call Recording is a great tool to eliminate "he said, she said", and to provide the best possible service to your clients. With our system, all calls are automatically recorded. Users do not need to press a button in order to record a call - unlike our competitor's phone systems. Recordings are archived on your server and are extremely easy to access.

Do you have multiple locations?

Wave has a great solution for you! Wave has integrated software called 'Wave-Net' that connects all of your locations together. This connection improves the functionality of your entire operation and reduces your capital expenditures and operating costs.

Our system can automatically place calls for you to increase revenue and decrease expenses.

For example, the biggest expense in the health care industry is missed appointments. To counteract the expense, they usually have staff call patients before appointments as a reminder. Our system can automaticallly do this for you dramatically reducing your costs.

Another example is an accounting firm. When tax time comes around, our system can call their clients and remind them to come in to file their taxes. This is a great way to increase revenue without adding costs.

Are you investing in marketing but don't know which tactics are working? Wave will tell you.

We can provide you with multiple phone numbers to use for different campaigns. You'll get reports showing how many calls came in on which line. This is a great way to find out which campaigns you should keep investing in, and which campaigns you should drop.

Do you have multiple businesses under the same roof? Wave auto attendant can support multiple offices so you can share one system – and one cost.

Auto Attendant provides a professional call experience by directing calls to the right person or the right department – without the intervention or cost of an operator.

Constant C's Vertical Phone System also has other applications such as: Fax to Email, MS Exchange Integration, Instant Messaging, and Call Classifier. Please call us to learn more. Contact our IT company in Winnipeg to learn more.

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