Backup and Disaster Recovery

You already understand the importance of your data. But, are you 100% sure that it’s properly backed up and FULLY recoverable in the event of a hard drive crash, flood, lightning strike, fire, or employee theft/sabotage?

According to Gartner Group, only 6% of companies survive after significant data loss. Of those ones that close down, 43% close their doors immediately and the rest are gone within 2 years. Take an advantage of our IT services in Winnipeg to secure your data.

Constant C’s Comprehensive Backup & Disaster Recovery Systems

Constant C's backup and disaster recovery systems include onsite and offsite backups that ensure your business is fully protected. You can rest easy knowing your valuable data is backed up, continuously tested by Contact C, and fully recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Consider a Managed Backup Solution

A managed backup solution would involve hiring a third-party company like Constant C to provide data recovery services. High-quality managed backup solutions offer:

  • Routine data backup
  • On-site and off-site data storage
  • Cloud storage solutions
  • Data recovery, including data recovery software

The goal of backup and disaster recovery is simple: To get your business back in operation as quickly as possible after data loss and other data disasters and to rapidly restore full functionality to your business.

Your backup and disaster recovery provider should offer extensive testing to align with your business goals. Your goals should include:

  • The timeframe in which essential data will be recovered and useable
  • The timeframe in which lower priority data will be recovered and useable
  • Having solutions in place to protect yourself from data loss, cyberattacks, and other problems that may necessitate disaster recovery

You may need to recover data in many circumstances, from power outages to cybersecurity risks. Your managed backup provider should have both hardware and software to help you recover data quickly and efficiently.

When you rely on the third party backups offered by companies like Microsoft, you may not preserve all of the data you need to. Office 365 typically only saves 30-90 days worth of data, depending on the software you’re using. Don’t risk losing valuable data because of your software provider’s limited data backup policy; choose a third party like Constant C to preserve all of your data.

Why Constant C Has the Best Data Recovery Services in Winnipeg

With decades of experience in the industry, Constant C is the perfect partner for backup and disaster recovery. We offer professional data recovery services with on-site, off-site, and cloud data recovery available.

We will help you prioritize your data, backing up your most important data more frequently. We’ll provide data backup software to help expedite the backup process. Our team will help you develop your backup plan to balance the efficiency of the backups with how complete your recovery will be.

Our team will help you make informed decisions about data recovery. We offer backup and disaster recovery that Winnipeg businesses have relied on for years; we can help you. Contact Constant C today.

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