Network Security and Cyber Crime Prevention

Is Your Network Protected From The Growing Number Of Cyber Criminals Targeting Small And Medium Businesses (Just Like Yours) In Winnipeg?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking cyber criminals aren’t targeting your business because “you’re too small”. Cyber criminals don’t discriminate based on size… in fact, they LIKE to target small businesses because they usually have the least amount of in-house IT support and protection.

So, regardless of the size of your business, YOU NEED to protect your network today, before it’s too late...

You may be asking “what do these cyber criminals want?” We’ll, there are many motivators including:

  • Sensitive data – cyber criminals like to hack your network to steal the sensitive data you have on your network from your customers, vendors, and staff
  • Trade Secrets – your competitors can hack your network to steal your trade secrets
  • Identity Theft – all information needed to steal your identity is usually stored somewhere on your network
  • Your Reputation – a disgruntled employee or competitor can hack your network and release photos and information that can ruin your reputation
  • Your Email – if your email is hacked, cyber criminals gain access and can sell your accounts on the black market including your iTunes, Fedex, Groupon, Go Daddy, Facebook, and Twitter accounts
  • Medical Insurance Fraud – cyber criminals can use your healthcare insurance to acquire prescription drugs and resell them on the streets as well as bill insurance companies for services not rendered
  • Online Banking Theft – this is a no brainer… cyber criminals will hack your network, and empty your bank accounts
  • Ransomware – a HUGE subject that businesses are talking about is Ransomware. Cyber criminals will infect your network with malware, then hold your data hostage until you pay up. Ransomware has already netted over $200 million in the first half of 2016.

Constant C Technology Group – Bringing Fortune 500 Security Solutions To Small And Medium Businesses In Winnipeg Since 1986.

As a Managed Services and Managed Security provider, we help small and medium companies protect their business from the growing number of cyber criminals in Winnipeg (without a huge enterprise investment)

As your Managed Security provider, we will:

  • Install and manage enterprise grade firewalls to stop intruders from entering your network. We’ll also configure them properly to ensure you’re protected. (Many businesses don’t understand that a firewall with the wrong configuration is pretty well useless…)
  • Install and manage your anti-virus and anti-malware software as an added level of security
  • Implement a backup and disaster recovery plan. The fact of the matter is, even with the best security solutions you can still get hacked… BUT, our backup solution takes snapshots of your data at regular intervals and stores it safely off-site. Then, if you are attacked, you can simply restore your system to the latest backup before the attack.

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