Network Security and Cyber Security in Winnipeg

Firewall, Anti-Virus, and Backups are important but no longer enough.

Prevent data breaches and protect your business with our comprehensive cyber security services. Don't wait until it's too late, secure your sensitive information and avoid costly non-compliance fines and frustrated clients.

Equip your business with Constant C's Network Security solutions today.

Constant C Technology Group has been helping business in Winnipeg, MB succeed since 1986

Is your network protected from the growing number of cyber attacks targeted at small and medium businesses?

Don't underestimate the importance of cyber security for your small business. Statistics show that small businesses are increasingly becoming targets of cyber attacks. Don't wait until it's too late and take action to protect your business and assets.

Just like you may have believed, most of the SMBs who fell victim to crippling cyber attacks thought they were safe because of their size. This meant they usually didn’t invest in effective cyber security and reliable IT support. Constant C is a Cyber security company in Winnipeg that can help you to protect your business.

What damages can businesses with ineffective security solutions suffer from?

  • Stolen sensitive data – cyber criminals hack your network to steal the sensitive data your customers, vendors, and staff entrusted you with such as their national security number, healthcare information, and more
  • Exposed trade secrets – using a single cyber security vulnerability, hackers have extorted an exorbitant amount of money from countless companies by holding their confidential information to ransom
  • Lost digital credentials – your employees’ passwords are the keys to your business systems and data, as well as their personal social media accounts
  • Tarnished reputation – a disgruntled employee or competitor can hack your network and release photos and information that can erode years of client trust and good reputation
  • Medical insurance fraud – cyber criminals can use your stolen healthcare insurance to acquire prescription drugs and resell them on the streets as well as bill insurance companies for services that have not been rendered
  • Online banking theft – your bank accounts with years of savings can be emptied in a few mouse clicks because of a single cyber security loophole.
  • Ransomware – countless businesses shut down for good after cyber criminals got hold of their data, demanded a hefty ransom, then often disappeared with the money without returning access to their files

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How can Constant C Technology Group protect you from business-ending security breaches and cyber attacks?

We provide a complete range of network and security solutions that are customized to address any weaknesses in your systems and strengthen your overall defense capability against existing and emerging threats.

  • Business-Grade Firewalls - high-quality network security systems that keep your business IT secure from suspicious elements
  • Two-Factor Authentication - an extra layer of protection that only grants access to your users after they provide two proofs of identity
  • Advanced DNS Protection - DNS is the phone book of the internet, it was not designed with security in mind. This service redirects user's web traffic through a security solution that avoids threats.
  • Anti-Spam - proven tools that detect suspicious content and keep your inboxes free of malicious emails
  • Cyber Attack Detection and Remediation - a dedicated, around-the-clock team focused on Real Time traffic analysis and response to catch breaches and rapidly respond to contain them
  • Auto-Elevated Admin Permissions - smart control system that lets you determine the appropriate level of end-user access down to the most granular details
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training - practical and easy-to-understand sessions that keep your teams up to date with the latest scams and cyber security best practices
  • Advanced End-Point Protection - a cutting-edge security solution that keeps all your devices and people safe against emerging cyber threats
  • Cold Tested Backups - cost-effective offline data backup solutions that allow efficient disaster recovery without straining your budget

Why do businesses throughout Winnipeg, MB trust Constant C Technology Group for our security solutions?

Fast and Friendly

All of your issues (including minor ones) will be resolved quickly and efficiently by a friendly technician.

No ‘Techie’ Talk

Our technicians are trained to speak human, not geek. We will always take the time to fully explain our solutions to you.

Fixed, Predictable Price

We provide a true fixed rate that covers ALL of your IT requirements including remote and onsite support. We are your IT Department.

Guaranteed 1-Hour Response

We will address your issue immediately or call you back within 60 minutes guaranteed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We will never close a support ticket until your problem is resolved.

Projects completed on budget – guaranteed

If we go over the expected budget, we cover the costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber security services include vulnerability assessments, protection tools, and ongoing monitoring and management to keep your cyber defenses up-to-date with emerging online threats.
Cyber security assessment is a risk-based testing approach that thoroughly examines your security posture to pinpoint the weak links in your systems and determine how disaster-ready you are for cyber attacks.

Cyber security consulting refers to advisory and planning services to create a reliable and effective defense scheme that keeps your entire business IT safe from current and future cyber attacks.

In addition to having expert skills and up-to-date insights, your trusted cyber security consulting services provider should analyze your unique risks and needs before delivering a tailored defense scheme that addresses all your vulnerabilities. They can achieve this by thoroughly examining your current security setup.

Business owners often feel their IT is fine until something happens and it’s too late to stop it. In the ever - changing world of IT it’s important to understand your strengths and weaknesses. We’re ready to help by providing a Free Dark Web and External Security Scan as well as a free IT Assessment. Click here to learn more.

Yes! By having a reliable services provider handling all aspects of their technology, small businesses get secure and optimized IT and responsive assistance for a low monthly fee. In addition to cost savings, the benefits include more streamlined operations, improved productivity, and enhanced data security.

Constant C Technology Group also provides these IT services that will streamline your operations, boost your productivity, and increase your bottom line

Flat-Rate IT Support

Round-the-clock monitoring of your entire infrastructure and 24/7 responsive help desk for a low monthly fee

Cloud Services

Expert advice on cloud solution, secure migration, and ongoing management to keep your IT secure and productive at all times

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Automatic backups in secure, geo-redundant data centers and reliable recovery steps that get you back to work fast after a disaster strikes

Business Phone Systems

Feature-rich, cloud-based telephony that enhances your productivity, clients’ satisfaction, and cost savings


Expert network design and implementation that guarantees consistent and secure high-speed internet connection at every corner of your premises


A modern, efficiency-boosting practice of creating a virtual copy of your servers to increase data security and cut costs

Co-Managed IT Services

Customizable, professional technology support to supervise your in-house team on complex IT projects or take the mundane tasks off their plate

Merchant Services

Secure, hassle-free payment terminal solutions that help you reduce fraud, stay PCI DSS-compliant, and enhance customer experience while also saving money

On-Site Computer Service

Fast and professional server repairs and hardware/software installations at your office

About Constant C


Who We Are

Since 1986, we’ve been providing the local business community with high-quality IT services including Managed IT Services, Network Security, and Backup & Disaster Recovery — and we look forward to doing the same for your company.


Our Company's History

Since 1986, we’ve been providing the local business community with high-quality IT services including Managed IT Services, Network Security, and Backup & Disaster Recovery — and we look forward to doing the same for your company.


Why We Do It

Because taking care of people is what we do.

Constant C believes in looking out for others, not only at an organizational level, but at an individual level as well. We aim to do everything we can to give back to our community. Here are some of the organizations and projects we are committed to:

  • Christian Children's Fund
  • Rotary International
  • Salvation Army
  • Sea Shepherd
  • Siloam Mission
  • Veteran Affairs Canada
  • Asper School of Business

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It's time to trust your business IT support with a company you rely on.

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