Co-Managed IT Services in Winnipeg

With our co managed IT services in Winnipeg, your company sustains an in-house IT staff, with a team of our technicians at the ready to help. Our team can assist your staff with troubleshooting, network security, server and infrastructure support, network monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, projects, or vacation support. We create a personalized solution to best support your business needs and maximize your resources.

No matter your exact needs, the goal with Constant C's co-managed IT services is to work seamlessly with your CEO, CIO, Director of IT or IT Manager to bring you the most efficient and most reliable service possible. We will establish a clear ticketing and escalation process and hold regular Business Technology Strategy meetings to review reports, accomplishments, provide relevant advice, and establish short and long-term budgetary objectives.


  • 1. Increase productivity: Co-managed IT services maximize the productivity of your IT staff by giving you the flexibility to outsource tasks, and free time and resources up for focusing on strategic goals or other pressing issues.
  • 2. Local knowledge: We have the widest criteria of network and security monitoring available, and our technicians are local and understand the unique business landscape of Winnipeg.
  • 3. Best-in-class solutions: Our network monitoring and cyber security solutions are always up-to-date with the latest technology available to ensure each of our customers is protected from the newest threats, and can benefit from new performance features.
  • 4. Sharing knowledge: The Constant C technical team shares their experiences among their colleagues to improve response times and deepen their breadth of expertise.

How It Works

Co-managed IT services are simple: You retain your existing IT staff, and we fill any gaps in your IT support. By hiring a third party like Constant C to handle any gaps in your existing IT support, you can increase productivity and scale your team based on your business needs—all while allowing your existing IT staff to focus on their core competencies.

Simply tell us what you need managed IT services for, and we’ll customize an IT solution to fit your requirements.

Use Cases

  • Changing demands: We can help you increase productivity during busy seasons and periods of growth by dynamically increasing the amount of IT support available to your business—the process is much faster than hiring and training new IT staff.
  • Filling gaps: Your team might be experts at network security and general cybersecurity, but lack the competencies to perform cloud migrations. With our co-managed services in Winnipeg, you can fill those gaps as needed
  • Providing continuous coverage: When you need 24/7 IT support, on-call IT support, or support when your staff is on vacation or sick, co-managed IT can fill in the gaps.

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These are just a few of the many potential uses for co-managed IT support. From installing the latest security patches to upgrading your team with the latest technology, our co-managed IT company can support you with all your business needs. Looking for co-managed IT solutions in Winnipeg? Call Constant C today!

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What makes co-managed IT services different from full IT outsourcing?

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With co-managed IT services, you retain your existing IT team while outsourcing certain IT tasks to a third party like Constant C. This gives your business a high degree of flexibility and scalability when it comes to your IT needs.

Can co-managed services be customized for my business size?

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Absolutely! We serve businesses of all sizes—whether you have a robust internal IT department that needs support for backup and disaster recovery or a small team that needs support during growth spurts—we can help.

What kind of support can I expect with co-managed IT services?

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You can expect robust, customized support from our team; fast response times and expert solutions are our focus. You’ll tell us exactly what kinds of support you require, and we’ll tailor our co-managed IT services to your needs.

How do co-managed IT services integrate with existing IT infrastructure?

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Our team has extensive experience with all types of IT infrastructure, from single computer setups to sophisticated networks across multiple sites. We’ll analyze your resources and provide the support that you require. We also offer hardware support if you need to change or upgrade your existing infrastructure.

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