Simplify Online Scheduling With Microsoft Bookings

September 30th, 2019
Simplify Online Scheduling With Microsoft Bookings


If you own a business reliant on customers scheduling appointments, managing bookings has likely become part of your daily routine – slotting customers in when they call, rescheduling appointments when they cancel, calling with appointment reminders, and more. While spending time interfacing with customers can be valuable, it quickly eats away at your day and takes you away from other important tasks. To make the most of you and your employees time, investing in a scheduling program like Microsoft Bookings is essential. And the best part is, Microsoft Bookings is now included with Office 365 Business Premium.

What Is Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft Bookings is an online booking and appointment scheduling solution for businesses available as a part of the Office 365 suite of tools. It has three main components: 

  • A website (stand alone or embeddable) where customers can book appointments with specific staff members for specific services
  • A dashboard where your company can view and manage all appointments, set a schedule for each staff member, specify your services and pricing, and record customer preferences
  • A mobile app so you can view and manage bookings on the go


  1. Complete customization. Microsoft Bookings is completely customizable for your business – you set what services are available, how long each one of those services will take, which staff members will be available, and more.
  2. Visibility. Microsoft Bookings provides a webpage that is compatible on desktop and mobile devices that allows customers to select times and dates based on updated availability. Best of all, once bookings are made, the calendar automatically synchronizes to a centralized schedule where you can reassign the appointments to other staff members, cancel, or reschedule.
  3. Reduce empty appointment slots and no-shows. Microsoft Bookings sends a confirmation email of appointments, a reminder email, and also offers customers the opportunity to reschedule if the appointment time no longer suits their schedule. Plus, when a customer cancels or reschedules, the appointment slot is immediately shown as available to other customers.
  4. Book appointments 24/7. Say goodbye to playing phone tag with customers! Microsoft Bookings creates a customizable public website that customers can visit any time of the day. You can also manually enter appointments for customers who prefer to make appointments over the phone. 

Microsoft Bookings is included with the Office 365 Business Premium package – which is also loaded with other great tools for small and medium businesses. Want to learn more? We’re happy to help.