Why You Should Leverage AI In Your Business

July 18th, 2023
Why You Should Leverage AI In Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is radically transforming how businesses operate.

Free tools like ChatGPT are helping writers and editors research and refine the documents they create. Analytics tools are parsing customer data and automatically building new segments based on factors humans might never consider. Process automation is everywhere, and new efficiencies are being found for businesses of all sizes.

AI can benefit the biggest and the smallest businesses, offering improved productivity, increased precision, better security, and bigger profits. By adopting AI early, you can get an edge over your competitors—the best time to integrate AI into your business processes is now.

In this article, we’re not going to evaluate any particular AI tools—there are so many, and each business will have a different use for them. Instead, we’ll focus on how you can harness the power of AI—all while avoiding AI-related cybersecurity risks.

Stay Ahead of AI-Powered Cybersecurity Risks

Everyone is taking advantage of AI-powered tools—including cybercriminals. AI is being used to automate phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks—the tools can be used to quickly find holes in your cybersecurity.

Fortunately, with all things being equal, the defender always has the advantage on the cybersecurity battlefield—you just need the right defences. Simple steps like cybersecurity training for employees go far. You can also use AI-powered cybersecurity tools to predict and isolate threats. Partnering with a cybersecurity firm like Constant C will help you keep ahead of AI-powered cyber threats.

4 Key Actions To Harness the Power of AI

1. Cultivate a Culture of Innovation and Leadership

A fear of new technologies is a time-honoured tradition, from the Luddite textile workers in 19th Century Britain to the anti-AI voices you’ll hear on the news today.

As a leader, your role is to help your team stop “fearing the reaper”, so to speak. Start using AI to automate your own processes and labour, and talk to your team about how AI has benefited you. Encourage your team to start using AI tools, and to report on the good and the bad. Remind your team that AI isn’t there to replace them—it’s there to make their work easier and more enjoyable.

2. Encourage Secure Operational Transformation

AI has the power to transform your business from the top-down (or the bottom-up)—but you have to implement it slowly and carefully. Evaluate the security risks of any AI tool you implement. Start small—test new AI with just a few trusted users as a pilot project, then expand your use of AI once you’ve evaluated potential pitfalls.

3. Coordinate Technology and Talent

Talk to your team about what tools they might need to improve their processes. At its best, AI helps automate rote processes that are prone to human error. Your marketing team might, for example, benefit from tools that help them analyze data, segmenting customers so that they can create targeted campaigns.

Give talented team members the tools they need to focus on the things they’re truly passionate about while automating the work they’d rather not be doing in the first place.

4. Choose the Right Problems To Solve

As we mentioned, AI is best at solving problems that humans are already bad at—collating and analyzing millions of pieces of data, monitoring computer systems, acting as springboards for brainstorming, and other activities that involve rapid, repetitive, but not necessarily deep thinking.

Talk to your team about the problems that they think could be automated with AI—or that they’ve already started automating on their own. Talk about pain points and the “boring” parts of their jobs, so they can focus on what they’re talented at.

AI doesn’t have to be scary—it can send your business to places you never imagined. Embrace it!