The Role Of AI & Machine Learning In Managed IT Services

April 4th, 2024
The Role Of AI & Machine Learning In Managed IT Services

AI and machine learning have both had dramatic impacts on the global economy. Managed IT is far from being unaffected by this shift—AI has improved threat detection, network analytics, and more.

AI + Machine Learning for Analytics in Managed IT Services

One of the biggest advantages of AI and machine learning is the ability to look through data to predict trends. AI can help you with everything from analyzing which of your users and programs are taking up the most resources, to giving you a deeper understanding of how different devices on your network are interacting.

With machine learning algorithms and quality data, your managed IT service provider can recommend software and hardware updates you can make to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the overall speed and efficiency of your networks.

This data can also be used for preventive maintenance—predictive analytics can help you determine how likely an app is to crash, how much network traffic you’re likely to receive on a given date, and more.

Improving Server Security With the Help of AI and Machine Learning

One of the biggest advantages that AI systems and their predictive capabilities have brought to managed IT services is the ability to identify patterns based on user behaviour—and then detect aberrations in those patterns to discern emerging threats.

Artificial intelligence gives managed service providers an excellent way of preventing cyber attacks. Most attacks don’t occur instantaneously—they occur slowly. One device on a network becomes compromised, and then the cyber attacker slowly feels their way throughout the network until they can get a hold of valuable data, administrator permissions, or something else of value.

Machine learning algorithms help managed service providers detect aberrant behaviour early—it’s then possible to isolate the device or devices that have been compromised, and seal them away from the rest of the network. The accurate threat detection offered by artificial intelligence can help to seriously reduce the risk of cyber threats.

Real-World Use Cases of AI and Machine Learning in Managed IT Services

The use of AI in IT is already incredibly common. Chatbots are often used to answer customer queries when live agents aren’t available. Automated detection and response (ADR) have been deployed to help catch suspicious activity on servers automatically. These are just two examples of the widespread use of AI and machine learning throughout IT, including in managed IT services.

Responsible AI in Managed IT Services

Managed IT professionals have a number of responsibilities when integrating AI and machine learning into their services:

  • They must ensure that the AI is using accurate, ethical means of data collection.
  • They must consider circumstances where human intelligence would be better than AI—even when it’s less cost-effective.
  • They must ensure that they are always using tried and tested AI tools for their clients.
  • These are just a few of the ethical considerations that managed service providers need to keep in mind—AI is not a perfect tool, and though it can give you valuable insights and a competitive advantage, it must be integrated carefully.

    Resources and Tools for Implementing AI and Machine Learning in Managed IT Services

    At Constant C, we offer co-managed IT services. This means we can help you research, understand, and implement AI and machine learning solutions in your network. Our experience ranges from using AI to better understand network traffic trends to using machine learning to improve the safety of your network.

    Conclusion and Future Outlook

    AI can already have an incredibly positive impact on your IT department, bolstering the efforts of your securing teams and reducing the need for human intervention, all while improving customer satisfaction.