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IT planning, cloud solutions, network security, data backups - when you want to improve your network and technology in Manitoba, it can be hard to know where to start. Start with Constant C.

We’ve been in business for over 35 years, helping businesses like yours make sense of technology. With passionate technicians and a full suite of services, we’ll get your technology working for you. And with high levels of customer satisfaction, 24/7, 365 service, and a guaranteed 1-hour response time, we’ll always be there for you - without all the “tech-y” jargon you hear at some other IT companies.

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Why Choose Constant C

If you live in Manitoba, you know the Golden Boy. What you might not know is that the Golden Boy is modelled after Mercury, the Roman god of communication and commerce.

There couldn’t be a better symbol for Manitoba’s recent rise as a tech hub, and there’s no better symbol for our goal here at Constant C.

You want a company that believes in Manitoba’s business community. A company that understands how important secure, reliable networks and efficient IT are to business growth. You want a company with the experience and know-how to customize
an IT management solution for your unique business needs.

You want Constant C.

Over 35 years of experience

The tech industry is volatile. Companies are prone to booming and busting. As a business owner, it can be hard to tell whether or not a tech company you hire will go belly up within a few months.

One way you can gauge whether or not a company is here to last is by looking at how long they’ve been around. At Constant C, we’ve been through it all - from Y2K and the dot-com bubble to today’s sophisticated ransomware attacks. We remember the Melissa virus, the Sasser worm, the Love Bug, and the WannaCry attack.

Through it all, we’ve kept Manitoba businesses secure, protecting their data and their networks from all manner of attacks. As times have changed, so have we. We’re constantly adapting our strategies, tools, and techniques to continue to provide you with the best possible network - secure, efficient IT.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

When it comes to customer satisfaction, our record speaks for itself. In our over 35 years of providing IT services to Manitoba businesses, we’ve maintained a 95.9% customer satisfaction rate and 97% customer retention.

We believe in creating relationships for life. When you sign on with Constant C, you’ll never need another managed IT service. We do it all. To maintain our high level of satisfaction, we offer:

  • A guaranteed 1-hour response
  • Projects completed on budget - guaranteed
  • Fast, friendly service with no “tech-y” talk
  • A fixed rate that covers all of our services

Try our service today, and you’ll see why we’ve maintained such high levels of satisfaction with Manitoba businesses like yours.

Customized IT services

A one-size fits all solution never fits right when it comes to IT. Your business is unique, and that means you have unique demands.

Everything from how often you’ll want to back up your files to how fast you need your network to be will vary depending on your business activities.

That’s why we customize our solutions to each of our clients. We even offer co-managed IT solutions for businesses who already have in-house IT, but need a little more support. With everything from fully-managed IT to 24/7 IT support, we have services to suit your needs.

We give back to our community

We love our province, so we’ve made an effort to give back. From local charities like Siloam Mission to the Asper School of Business, we take pride in contributing to organizations that help our community grow and thrive.

Network Security & Cyber Security in Manitoba

What do we mean when we say we’re a fully-managed IT provider? We mean that if it has to do with computers, networks, or even telephones, we’ll manage it for you. That means we can purchase and repair equipment, identify bottlenecks and weak points in network security, create best practices for your team to follow, and a whole lot more.

Here are just a few of the many services we offer at Constant C:

Data loss prevention

In the modern age, your business data may be your most prized possession. If you lost your customer data, your leads, your product information and your budget, how could your business continue to operate? What are you doing to prevent data loss? When you hire Constant C, the answer is “everything we can”. That means state-of-the-art anti-phishing software and techniques. It means multiple backups of your business data, on a regular basis. We take data loss very seriously - and our plan is to mitigate or eliminate the risk of data loss. We follow the 3-2-1 rule - at least 3 copies of all of your data, on at least 2 different mediums, with at least 1 backup off-site. Data centres can help you backup your files, but they’re not entirely reliable - that’s why we include physical backups in our data loss prevention strategy.

Antivirus & Anti-Malware

When it comes to antivirus programs, there’s a balance you need to strike. You want your antivirus to be as unobtrusive as possible, all while providing as much network security as possible. We’ll work with your business to identify possible weak points in your digital infrastructure, and install an antivirus and anti-malware program that suits your needs. We’ll also help you implement best practices to prevent your team members from inadvertently creating holes that allow malicious software into your network.

DDoS Prevention

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can be leveraged by nefarious actors who want to limit access to your website. If your website is offline unexpectedly for even an hour, it can wreak havoc on your profits and the level of trust customers have in your business. We use a number of sophisticated techniques to stop DDoS attacks. These include inbound traffic monitoring and alerts, rate limiting and filters, and traffic diversion. We’ll also discuss the possibility of DDoS attacks when determining how much bandwidth your network needs.

Email Security & Firewalls

Canadians are targeted by more phishing attacks than any other nationality on the planet. When you want to keep your most valuable data secure, email security is a must. Our security system strikes a balance between ease-of-use and security. The granular filters we provide start by blocking most emails. You can gradually whitelist appropriate emails, so what needs to get through always does - but malicious emails never do. In the same vein, you’ll want a firewall with strict security protocols. The level of security can always be reduced later - start with more than you need, and gradually allow more traffic based on what works for your business. When it comes to network security, our philosophy is to err on the side of caution.

Network Segmentation

Network segmentation gives you granular control over how traffic from one part of your network can flow to another. This improves performance by reducing network congestion, and protects vulnerable devices from cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity in the News

Fully-managed IT in Manitoba

These are just a few of the many different services that we offer. Modern businesses can’t afford to have patchwork, ad hoc IT solutions. You need a strategy, built for your business.

That’s what we provide at Constant C. A holistic, full suite of IT solutions, customized to your business. Get an IT service built for your needs. Call us today.

Meta description: Constant C offers fully-managed IT services throughout Manitoba. 24/7 support. 1-hour response times. Secure and efficient networks. All for a flat fee.

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