Why Many Businesses Will Outsource Their IT Needs After COVID-19

June 18th, 2020

IT Services

Businesses are undergoing several changes as a result of COVID-19. From moving to work-from-home models to the transitioning of sales to online platforms, many of these changes are IT-related. Among the adjustments resulting from COVID-19, we anticipate that more businesses are going to outsource their IT needs. Why?

Balancing the Budget

One of the biggest reasons we expect to see outsourcing of IT is the unfortunate economic consequence of COVID. Many businesses have experienced a massive hit to their bottom line, which is forcing restructuring. Money has to be spent in the areas prioritized the most highly, and in-house IT can be an expensive piece of the business puzzle that can realistically be outsourced in many cases. This isn’t to say all companies should start outsourcing their IT needs; there are many companies for which in-house work is practical. Most small businesses, however, can benefit from outsourcing.

Work From Home

One of the biggest advantages of an in-house IT team is how quickly they can respond to certain problems. Computer on the fritz? Walk on over to Carl in IT and he’ll head by within a few minutes to help you out. When most of your staff is working from home, this advantage is lost, which makes an in-house IT team less useful.

Of course, one can still remotely connect with a computer (provided it’s turning on properly) and provide support over the phone. Realistically, however, an outsourced IT team can do this just as well if not better than an in-house team. Remote IT teams have been doing remote connections for a long time, so they have the resources to fix IT problems without having to be physically present.

An IT team can also make sure all of the software and hardware being used for remote work is standardized, reducing complexity and streamlining IT processes.


There are a lot of companies that don’t really have a formal IT team; in these times, that can cost you. One of the most important implications of COVID-19 is the security risks inherent with remote work. This Forbes post illustrates some of the most common security concerns. There are a few others you should consider, including which video conferencing programs you’re using. A remote IT team can help you get your staff set up for secure remote work - this is incredibly important if you don’t have your own IT team.

These are just a few of the many reasons you might be inclined to outsource your IT. At this point in time, if you don’t have a team (internal or outsourced) doing IT for you, you should really consider it - online and remote work may very well become the standard. Looking for technical support services in Winnipeg? Get in touch with us.