Winnipeg IT Service Provider, Constant C, Launches Weekly Webinar Series

June 24th, 2020
Winnipeg IT Service Provider, Constant C, Launches Weekly Webinar Series

WINNIPEG, Canada – Constant C, a dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking IT services provider, is pleased to announce the launch of a new weekly webinar series. The webinars are designed to raise the awareness of IT security systems and procedures, and teach directors and company leaders how to properly focus on this essential area of business.

The simple reality of modern day business is that online security is critical, and yet it is often neglected. From a cold, hard, business perspective, internet security does not make business money, it may not be exciting, and it can easily be overlooked. It is a classic example of not valuing something until it is too late.

If a company’s IT system is compromised, it can do almost irretrievable damage to that business, with customers potentially losing faith in the brand and the potential risk of competitors gaining access to confidential information. That is why Constant C is taking proactive action for their clients and prospective clients, helping identify the everyday dangers that a business is exposed to, most of which can be eliminated by invoking simple, company-wide procedures.

“Almost every day, there is a new story on the news of personal information being leaked onto the internet, or databases being hacked, which can create a massive public relations disaster for the company involved. From something as simple as sticking the password on a post-it note, through to allowing staff to plug in their personal devices, it is very simple to compromise the security of an IT system. We are offering this webinar series to highlight some of these risks and help business owners protect their investments, reputations, and companies in the long-term. We are thrilled that Little Brown Jug wanted to partner with us on these webinars, and look forward to helping as many companies as we can as a result.”

Constant C provides the local business community with high-quality IT services, including Managed IT Services, Network Security, and Backup & Disaster Recovery – and they have been doing it for the past 30 years. Constant C Technology Group was founded in 1986 when President and CEO, Jason Kolaski, created an innovative software package for Canadian video rental chains. Not only was this his first step into the world of IT, but it also paved the way for how Constant C conducts business today. Driven by the same spirit of innovation, over the years, the company has expanded its services to include network support as well as business phone services to companies nationwide. For more information about the company, the services they provide, and how they can help your business, visit their website at