FREE: Dark Web and External Security Scan

October 21st, 2020
FREE: Dark Web and External Security Scan

COVID-19 has led to businesses rapidly shifting their IT infrastructure as droves of employees move from offices to work at home. There may well be benefits to this change, but the focus of this article won’t be on those. Rather, it’s important to consider the security risks that you may have been exposed to.

There are two major security concerns which arise from this rapid change to your IT infrastructure. First, most businesses have had to move very quickly - consequently, you may not have had the time to ensure that the transition to remote work has been secure. Second, your team members are using different access points - this means there are more potential fault points in your security.

Cybercrime is on the rise, in Winnipeg and throughout the world. Even the CRA isn’t immune. You may wonder why hackers would go after your business - the simple answer is, for money. Personal information, credit cards, intellectual property - they’ll take whatever they can get. They might even simply install ransomware on your computer and demand cash.

Our free Dark Web and External Security scans are here to help. We do a thorough analysis of the risks to your business - we do it absolutely free, with no obligation. Let’s dive deeper into what both entail:

The Dark Web Scan

First, let’s clear up a common point of confusion: the difference between the deep web and the dark web. The deep web consists of any part of the Internet that isn’t indexed by search engines. Your email inbox is part of the deep web. So is your online banking account.

The dark web, on the other hand, is not easy to access. You need special software, like The Tor Browser, in order to access it. Researchers have found that most activity which occurs on the Tor network (one of the most notable parts of the Dark Web) is illegal.

The Dark Web is, by design, not easy to navigate - it’s a place where anonymity reigns. You need to know what you’re doing to find out if compromised information has been placed for sale on the Dark Web. That’s exactly what our Dark Web scan accomplishes - we scour the darkest corners of the Internet to make sure none of your information is for sale.

The External Security Scan

The second part of our one-two strategy is the External Security scan. The best way to gauge the level of protection a system has is to try to get in from the outside - much like you might try to open your front door after you’ve locked it to make sure it’s properly locked. Most attacks are “drive-by” in nature - rather than looking for a specific company, hackers simply look for any unsecured access points. Our external scan can find these access points.

There are a number of IT companies in Winnipeg, but none of them offer the same one-two punch as our External Security and Dark Web scans - and absolutely free of charge! There’s no obligation whatsoever - even if you don’t sign up for ongoing IT services with us afterward, the actionable insights we’ll give you on your network security will be an invaluable resource.