New Initiative Helps Manitoba Businesses Invest In Digital Technology

October 29th, 2021
New Initiative Helps Manitoba Businesses Invest In Digital Technology

WINNIPEG, Canada – The past 2 years have put a strain on Manitoba businesses. To recover from financial losses, many business owners want to invest in upgrading their security systems and technology. Unfortunately, they often lack the resources to do so.

The Manitoba government and the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce have just announced the Digital Manitoba Initiative (DMI). It’s intended to help businesses and non-profit organizations transition to online platforms, and help the local economy recover from COVID-19. WIth the DMI, businesses can enhance their core revenue generating activities.

The DMI helps businesses afford digital transformation projects that were previously out of reach. There are two different funding tiers available through this grant:

TechUP: With this initiative, businesses can receive up to $5,000 to fund projects that can take up to 30 days to complete. It allows companies to invest in digital tools, marketing, or software upgrades.

PowerUP: When you apply for this grant, you can access up to $25,000 of funding. Projects funded by this program must be completed within 90 days. Businesses can use this initiative to upgrade their digital systems, processes, and cybersecurity.

The DMI can also be used to reimburse businesses that have invested in digital upgrades since April 1, 2021, as long as dated receipts are provided.

Constant C & Constant C Technology Group, a Winnipeg IT company, sees this as an exciting opportunity for Manitoba businesses. They write, “Businesses can use the PowerUP initiative to enhance the cybersecurity of their business. They can access the funding they need to adapt their business to a shifting digital landscape. With our IT services, we offer features including two-factor authorization, assistance with migrating to the cloud, improving on-premises infrastructure, and managed detection & response. We’re happy to help any business apply for this exciting grant.”

To learn more about how Constant C & Constant C Technology Group can help your business utilize this initiative, visit the Constant C website at