The Digital Manitoba Initiative Provides up to $25,000 to Transform Your Business

October 29th, 2021
The Digital Manitoba Initiative Provides up to $25,000 to Transform Your Business

When the world changes, your business needs to change with it. But adapting to the digital world comes at no small cost. The Digital Manitoba Initiative is here to help.
Even though you want to improve the security of your network, migrate to the cloud, or upgrade your servers, affording those upgrades is a significant hurdle.

To address these challenges, the Manitoba government has partnered with the Chambers of Commerce to offer an exciting new grant. The Digital Manitoba Initiative (or DMI) gives businesses and non-profit organizations the funding they need to adapt to today’s digital landscape. Constant C is ready to help you with your business case.

We’re going to explain each of these grants, and how you can use them to enhance the cybersecurity of your business:


Funding amount: $5,000
This grant can be used for projects like system upgrades, software, or building a website. Projects funded using the TechUP initiative must be completed within 30 days. But if you’re looking for more substantial funding, you might be interested in the next initiative:


Funding amount: $25,000
If you want to invest in digital upgrades that exceed $5,000, then the PowerUP initiative is what your business needs. You can apply for this funding to significantly enhance the network security of your business, and put your cyberattack concerns to rest.

Here’s something else that’s important to note: if you invested in any digital upgrades since April 1, 2021, you may be eligible for reimbursement. Be sure to attach the dated receipts to your application form.

How We Can Help

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) and MDR (Managed Detection & Response) are the most expensive cybersecurity solutions to implement—and they’re also the most effective.
A simple password isn’t enough protection for your business. It could be cracked by a hacker or leaked in a data breach. With 2FA, you’ll have more protection than just a password. It requires users to submit two proofs of identity before gaining access to your network.

MDR detects any suspicious activity that may be occurring on your network, like an unusual number of requests from one computer, or log-ins from an unrecognized device. We implement 24/7 monitoring to keep your network safe.

Constant C Technology Group can help you with migrating infrastructure to AWS or Azure or upgrade your on-premises infrastructure so you can better support new and current customers.
Using the DMI, your business can receive funding for these services. By making these improvements, businesses can focus on enhancing the core revenue-generating activities. This is core to the Digital Manitoba Initiative. You can position your business for growth in the wake of the pandemic.

At Constant C & Constant C Technology Group, all of these cybersecurity solutions are included in our one-time IT support platform onboarding costs.

Contact Us Today!

At Constant C Technology Group - Winnipeg IT Company, we want to help make your business more secure. When you contact us, we can assist you with filling out the application for the DMI and send you other incentives that can help.

Don’t wait too long; this initiative only covers a total of $15 million in funding. PowerUP projects need to be completed within 90 days, and applications are processed in the order they’re received.

Your business can’t afford to miss out on an opportunity like this. Contact Constant C & Constant C Technology Group today!